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The Story






The Story

    Texas has many things to be proud of, ask any Texan. The pride Texans take in their state is instilled in them from the first time they are laid in their mother's arms. Texas has the best because true Texans will not settle for less and Red Baugh is as Texan as they come!

    The story of HELL ON THE RED products is an all American success story of a group of hunters sitting around eating and fussing about the taste of the hot sauce. One of the hunters, Red Baugh, bragged that he could make a better sauce than the one they were eating and he proceeded to do just that. As a matter of fact, his sauce was so good, that pretty soon, he had to build another building just to keep enough made up for the whole neighborhood. The very best ingredients, combined just right and taste tested by a whole community have produced a line of sauces and dips that Texas is proud to claim.

    We at HELL ON THE RED hope that you like Red's Creations as much as we do here in Telephone, Texas and we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to come to our state as often as you can get away. You're always welcome to come over and enjoy Red's sauces and dips.

    In the event you can't make it this week, we invite you to send for a little bit of Texas to be sent right to your door. We at Hell on the Red would be more than happy to ship a Texas Six Pack right to you.




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